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Shipping & Handling Charges

If Shipping & Handling Charges do not appear in your cart, please inquire prior to making your purchase to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

All items listed here are available for local pickup by appointment with no Shipping & Handling Charges added.

However, for your convenience, I will also make arrangments to ship to you any item(s) you wish to purchase provided you are willing to accept responsibility for these charges.

Please see the section on Store Policies for more information about conditions of shipping.

Shipping & Handling Charges should be very close to actual Shipping Charges only + no more than $1 or $2 for Handling.

In many cases I have included estimates for Shipping & Handling Charges for the convenience of quick and easy check out.

When I prepare your item(s) for shipping, if I discover the S&H charges  you have paid are more than $2 more than actual shipping charges - I will refund you the difference. (If the S&H charges are less than actual shipping charges, I will accept that loss and you will NOT be billed the difference.

Or if you prefer to contact me prior to checkout, I can calculate the actual S&H charges and you can pay the correct amount upon check out.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.