There's more to business, than just business.

Youngs General Store

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Following World War II, William S. Young and his two sons George and Jack opened Youngs General Store in Stroud, Ontario.

They didn’t have a formal mission statement but I can only imagine that if they did it might have been something like "To serve our community."

In that spirit I have chosen to call my website "Youngs General Store" in honour of my Grandfather, my Father and my Uncle and their sense of community.

You may wonder how I can compare an online Internet business of today to an old-fashioned General Store of yesteryear.

Yes, the community of Stroud may have been much smaller in the 1940s than it is now, but thanks to the internet, the whole world is much smaller now than it was in the 1940s.

So I will endeavour to carry on the Young tradition of serving my customers with that same pride, honesty, integrity and friendliness and I hope in that way I can continue to maintain a sense of community here.

Having had the great privilege and opportunity to work with and learn from my Grandfather, my Father and my Uncle I have learned there is more to business than just "business".

In working with these gentlemen there was a sense of fellowship with both employees and customers as much as there was any traditional employer/employee or merchant/customer relationship.

William soon left the business to his sons to run and George and Jack became charter members of the former IGA chain of Super Markets. The Young Brothers were the epitome of the "Hometown Proud" slogan of the IGA trademark.

In that spirit my mission statement for the New Youngs General Store will be "There's more to business than just business."

So if you want to drop by to purchase something you can expect a fair and honest transaction.

And if you just want to drop by to say "Hi" or chat a bit, you can expect a friendly "Howdy" in return.

Look around and enjoy!