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Youngs General Store

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Welcome to Youngs General Store.

Step into the past and read about a family that contributed much to the early history of the village of Stroud and the Township of Innisfil.

 It’s a family that I am proud to be a member of – The Young Family.

This site is just starting out so I hope you will bear with me as I add stories and photos to share.

And if you have stories or photos about the Young Family or stories that relate to the early days of Stroud and Innisfil Township in general, I hope you will either post them directly or share them with me and I will post them on your behalf.

You can email me by clicking on the button below or through the "Contact" Page.

Should you notice any errors or discrepancies in any of the stories you read, please bring them to my attention so they can be investigated and corrected.

So come on in and look around.